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TEAM: 13-Megan
No. Name School  Ht  Grad.
 10  Brin Jaffe  Muirlands Middle School  2021
  4  Maya Jessee  Pacific Beach Middle School  2021
 24  Sara Jodayri  All Hallows Academy  2021
  8  Lida Mesri  Muirlands Middle School  2021
  5  Jessica Pendergast  School of the Madeleine  2021
 17  Sabrina Rubio  Muirlands Middle School  2021
 18  Isabella Wiseman  Muirlands Middle School  2021
  3  Chiara Zavala  Muirlands Middle School  2021
CoachMegan Volger Visit LJV Calendar page for current calendar This team will participate in the 6 Spike-Fest tournaments in Poway, CA (January-May 2016).