Boys Teams S2 – Spring 2014 (done)

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BOTH TEAMS (in no particular order):

No. Name School
 15  Ames Kinkead  Gillispie
 20  Brody Odmark  Torrey Pines
 17  Ben Snyder  La Jolla
 27  Jake Kepner  Kate Sessions
 18  Kyle Schweidler  Muirlands
 2  Levi DarlingGrant  Bird Rock
 16  Levi Lentin  Muirlands
 25  Nathan Turecek  Muirlands
 12  Sean Ross  La Jolla
 5  Walter Birnbaum  La Jolla
 13  Ryan Ellis  Bird Rock
 23  Jerret Ayoub  Torrey Pines
 28  Rafi Freund  Muirlands
 4  Christopher Lloyd  School of Madeleine
 30  Matthew North  Marshall
 21  McLain Simpson  Muirlands
 14  Matthew Turecek  La Jolla
 22  Lucas Turecek  La Jolla
 24  Trevor Nelson  Muirlands

HEAD COACH: Tina Kinkead

HEAD COACH: Kandiss Anderson

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These teams will participate in the boys tournaments  at Seaside/San Diego Volleyball Club in Rancho Bernardo:

  • Sunday April 13th
  • Sunday May 4th

Click on Tournaments for dates & links.