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Parent Information

Youth sports are about learning skills, gaining self confidence and developing tools to promote success later in life. These tools include respect, cooperation, communication, effort and teamwork.

At La Jolla Volleyball, we believe in strong communication between coaches and parents and players. Parents are always welcome to stay and observe at practices and are strongly encouraged to attend tournaments to support your daughters. We ask for your support in allowing our coaches to do the coaching and instructing of your daughters. Our coaching staff is experienced and knowledgeable in volleyball as well as coaching youth sports. If you have any questions, please talk with any of our coaches, as we are here to help you.

However, if you have concerns that involve your daughter and her team/coach, then your daughter must first approach/contact the coach, or at least be involved and present when parents interact with the coach.

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LJV Club Goal: To develop each player’s individual and team skills in an instructional, encouraging and motivational environment at all practices and competitions. Volleyball is a FUN sport, but there are important individual as well as team skills that are necessary to improve each player and team’s game. We stress fundamentals and teamwork.

Practice Locations: La Jolla Volleyball rents various facilities for practices and we expect that our players and parents will help us respect facilities and leave them cleaner than when we arrived. Only water is allowed on gym surfaces (no food or flavored/colored drinks).

Tournaments: All of our Spring teams compete in tournaments during the Dec/Jan-May/June season.  We expect players to be committed during the entire tournament (am or pm wave) with your team. All players are required to help with officiating duties (scoreboard, line judges). Players must inform the coach BEFORE the tournament begins if they must leave early. No player may leave a tournament before all team duties are completed (unless prearranged). Players are encouraged to bring healthy snacks and drinks to each tournament. They are also responsible for cleaning up any empty bottles, snack items and crumbs left in the eating area and around our bench. All rules of the facilities MUST be followed!

Playing Time: In the younger divisions, assuming regular attendance and timely arrival, we strive for equal playing time, since the focus is on learning and skill building. In the older divisions, all players will have an opportunity to play at every tournament, but playing time may not be equal.  On more advanced teams, playing time is also position-specific.

Practice Rules: At practice, each coach will explain to their athletes the expectations of the club and any additional guidelines set forth by the coach.  We always expect players to arrive on time, have a positive attitude, be attentive, and try hard during every practice.

Attendance: Players are expected to be at all practices and tournaments. If conflicts arise, it is the responsibility of the player and/or parent to inform the coach as soon as possible.  Short notice affects the team and coach planning, please be courteous.

Transportation: La Jolla Volleyball does NOT provide transportation to and from practices or tournaments. It is the responsibility of the players and their parents to get there on time. Parents may coordinate carpools if they wish.

Behavior: All Athletes are expected to behave in a manner that brings credit to themselves and the club. Players must control their emotions at practice and tournaments. Players will be instructed and expected to be supportive of their teammates. Disruptive behavior or unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated.  Use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or related items is strictly prohibited.
Parents are encouraged to be positive, show good sportsmanship, and set a good example for their athlete.  Inappropriate parental behavior will not be tolerated.

Communication: Players and parents should discuss any concerns directly with their coach FIRST (include player in discussions, please). If, after talking with their coach, a problem still exists, then the parents may contact the LJV Club Director Barb Birnbaum.

We know there are many volleyball clubs in San Diego…  THANK YOU for choosing LA JOLLA VOLLEYBALL!

As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions,
Barb Birnbaum