Girls Teams – Spring 2013 (done)

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La Jolla Volleyball – Spring Teams 2013
Click on each team to view rosters and team details:

LJV 14-1 Travel team
Coaches: Tina Kinkead & Barb Birnbaum

14-2 Travel Team (SCVA June tournaments)
Coach Roy Agbulos

13-1 Local Elite Team
Coach Roy Agbulos

14U-Local Team
Coach Roger Clark

12-1 Local Elite Team
Coach Missy Ross
and Waverly Richards

12-Nicole Team
Coach Nicole Blackwell

12-Brooke Team
Coach Brooke Choi

11-1 Local Team
Coach Miles Durfee

11-2 Team
Coach Tonya Kepner

10-1 Local Team
Coach Kelly Drobeck

10U Tina Team
Coaches Tina Kinkead and Waverly Richards (asst. on Sundays)

10U Sarah Team
Coaches Sarah Lewis and Waverly Richards (asst. on Sundays)