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  TEAM: 12-Missy
No. Name School  Ht  Grad.
 24  Anna Baker  St. Vincent de Paul  2023
  5  Gianna Cefalu  St. Vincent de Paul  2023
  6  Abigail Crosbie  Longfellow  2023
 13  Elaine Garrett  St. Vincent de Paul  2023
  8  Maya Hotta  Standley Middle School  2023
  4  Iva Orlic  Standley Middle School  2023
  7  Abigail Rosado  Evans School  2023
 16  Anna Salmon  Mt. Everest  2023
  2  Lucy Scott  The Gillispie School  2023
 10  Melanie Syrios  The Childs Primary School  2023
Coach: Missy Ross   This team will participate in the 6 Volley-Fest tournaments in Poway, CA (January-May 2016), in the 12-Open Division. SCVA's Summer Soiree tournament in Anaheim (4-day tournament): June 29th - July 2nd Team Calendar: go back to  list of Spring 2017 teams