Kylie Komo

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komo headshot feb2018Kylie Komo  -  #11

Class of 2019 Position(s): Libero, DS Height:  5'5" I'm very eager to continue my volleyball career to the collegiate  level. I'm hard working and always looking for tips and advice to make my game stronger.  I'm open to play anywhere, preferably on the west coast but I don’t have a my mind set on one place. I have a weighted 4.00 GPA and am planning to take the SAT in June of this year. My Sports Recruit page (link below) has my updated highlight videos on it, please check it out!  If you can I would love for you to stop by my court and watch the game. Recruiting Information (video, websites, commitment):   Kylie's Personal SportsRecruits Page . Send email to Kylie Komo . send email to Coach Roy Agbulos send email to Coach Barb Birnbaum .

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