Fall Mini-Season

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This page will be updated soon with information for Fall 2020...


FALL Girls School-based teams  --  General Info  --

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Tryouts are held in late August, and LJV Fall teams are formed primarily to compete against other school-based teams.  LJV Fall teams will participate in 4-5 tournaments in Poway, September-October.  Some LJV Fall teams will also compete in matches/scrimmages against other local middle school teams.

(the Fall Mini-Season is for players who do not have or did not make make their school-based team...  it's a great way to have a short-season team experience and stay sharp during the Fall and be ready for the longer Girls CLUB season...  or just play on a Fall team and compete against other clubs and schools!)

Fall Teams are formed by age/grade:
- 3rd - 6th graders will compete in 12U division ("Club" or "Open" level of local team play)
- 7th - 10th graders will compete in "16U Club" division
- advanced Fall team(s) will compete in local "Open/HS" division (advanced 8th-12th graders)

Birthdate does not matter for Fall season, only your grade in school.  Scroll down for TRYOUTS info!


During the Fall mini-season, we strive to provide opportunities and make teams for all interested players, in order to help player development and prepare young players for the Primary Club Season Tryouts (which take place in October).

Any high school players who did not make their high school team(s) are encouraged and welcome to come play on a Fall Local team with LJV and compete in Local tournaments!

Fall Mini-Season is open to all players in grades 4th-12th, who are not playing on their high school team.  It is against CIF rules for a player to play on their HS team and a club team during the same season.


REGISTER for Tryouts & to join team (link to LJV Registration page)

Click here to PAY Fall Mini-Season Fees (2 payments, or all-at-once for 5% discount)


Fall 2019 - MINI-SEASON TRYOUTS (open to grades 3-12)

  • Fall mini-season team Tryouts are complete.  Contact LJV if interested in a late-tryout to join Fall team
  • Sunday Sept 1st: first practice for all teams at LJHS Big Gym 2:00-4:00pm (new players welcome but must pre-register to try out, please)
  • each team will have a "set" weekday practice day & time at TSA gym which will be determined after tryouts

Tryouts will be held at "TSA" gym - The Salvation Army gym.  Pre-registration and tryouts fee ($40) is required for all participants and includes all tryout sessions (2-3 days).  There will be a 10-15min parent information session at end of Wed. 8/28 tryouts.

Click here for Girls Fall Mini-Season TRYOUTS Registration & Payment  - select GIRLS Fall Mini-Season button (must pre-register online prior to arriving at gym)

All weekday tryouts/practices are held at TSA gym and all Sunday practices are held at La Jolla High School
- click Locations for details

Questions?  send an email to LJV



4:00-5:50pm each Sunday at LJHS Big Gym, starting Sunday August 18th  Sunday Fall Clinics

This is a great option for those who either do not make a Fall team or simply prefer to wait until Spring season to join a team and wok on skills once a week during August/September…  Weekly Sunday clinics to learn & improve your skills before Spring season tryouts (which start October 6th!).  All Sunday clinics open to 4th-12th graders, all levels, open to both boys and girls. Multiple courts, multiple coaches  Click on Fall Sunday Clinics for more details.

Sunday Clinics are $30 each Sunday.  Must pre-pay/pre-register online (even a few moments prior is okay).



Fall school-based teams typically have 9-10 practices and will have 3-5 local half-day tournaments in Poway.  Team-specific schedules and practice days will depend upon your daughters’ team placement.  All Fall teams will have one weekday practice and a Sunday practice on non-tournament Sundays.  First practice for all Fall teams will be on Sunday September 1st at LJHS 2:00-4:00pm


rosters will be posted on this website by mid-September: Girls Fall Teams 2019

We hope to field Fall teams for all interested players. However, we can never accurately predict the turnout of players and we may need to cut some players.  Those players may choose to register for the series of Sunday practices in order to improve skills and confidence prior to Club Season Tryouts Oct 5-7, 2019.

TOURNAMENTS & GAMES for Fall teams
- 5 half-day tournaments in Poway (“Fall-Series" at Epic VBC)
- 3rd-6th graders will compete in 12U division, using the VolleyLite ball, on Sunday mornings
- 7th/8th graders will compete in the 16-Club division, using regular weight volleyball and full-height net
- 8th-12th graders will compete in Open division, using regular weight volleyball and full-height net
- Games with other middle schools may be scheduled and will posted on LJV Calendar

Fall tournaments start the weekend after Labor Day, September 7th & 8th!

Link to Tournament dates: Fall-Series Tournaments 2019

Team-specific pages for Fall 2019 LJV teams:
- 4th-6th grade teams Fall 2019 (12U division, VolleyLite ball & lower net)
- 7th-12th grade teams Fall 2019 (Club division or Open division, 13s-18s, by team level)
(links coming after teams are formed)

(division/level of tournament series for each LJV team will depend upon team placement at tryouts)

revised to include all 5 tournaments:  $745 for 2019 Fall season

The $40 tryouts fee (required) covers gym rental time, equipment, coaches, and all tryout dates.
Fall Season fees include LJV team jersey, equipment, gym rental, tournament fees, coaching, and insurance.
Fall fees may be paid in one or two payments.  Pay-in-full by 9/1 and receive 5% discount rate.  Pay in two payments: First payment ($445) is due by Sunday Sept. 1st; full balance by 9/20 ($300).


Roy Agbulos, DK BrownNicole Blackwell, Malia McGuinness, Hannah Werner

Assistant & floater LJV coaches will help out and supplement as needed too!


Click here for TRYOUTS Registration & Payment  - select GIRLS Fall Mini-Season button (must pre-register online prior to arriving at gym)