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Frequently Asked Questions

What does La Jolla Volleyball (LJV) offer?

We typically offer three “seasons” for your volleyball player:  Summer camps and clinics on the sand and/or indoors, Fall indoor mini-season for middle-school students, and full-service Winter/Spring Indoor teams for all ages boys & girls.  We also offer skills clinics and private lessons throughout the year.

What do my LJV registration fees cover?

Gym rentals, coaching fees, uniform, tournament entry fees, club insurance, administrative expenses, equipment, registrations.

Depending on the level of team, amount of travel, or season of competition, certain teams may also receive additional uniform items and/or backpack, membership to SportsRecruits and/or Hudl, Recruiting Seminars, additional fitness workouts/practices, and/or participation medal/keepsake.

Can my daughter “play up” a division?

We prefer that the concept of “playing up” be the rare exception, not the expectation. However, since we are a small club, there will be instances where we may ask certain players to play up to help fill out a team if the numbers of players do not work out exactly in each age division.

What’s the big difference in age divisions in youth volleyball?

6th graders and younger play in the 12U age division; often subdivided into 12U, 11U, 10U, etc.  They use a “VolleyLite” ball which is the same size as a regular volleyball, but lighter and softer. This helps players learn to retain proper form, so they do not struggle with a heavier ball and/or develop bad technique habits at a younger age. Also, the net is approx. 4-6” lower in the 12U age division.

7th graders and older play on a regulation height women’s net (7’4″ as in high school and college), using the full-weight regulation volleyball, and are expected to be able to serve from close to the back line of the court.

Boys in high school and older will play on a full-height men’s net (8 ft).

How much does club volleyball cost?

Volleyball costs vary widely. A local YMCA or Rec Center may offer a weekly program for an inexpensive price, often with volunteer parents or young players or camp counselors as coaches. Most volleyball clubs charge substantially more because they must cover the cost of gym rentals, paying coaches (experienced, background-checked, qualified instructors), uniforms, tournament entries, club insurance and registrations, etc.  A 5-month club season may start around $2000 for lower-level teams, and more competitive travel teams can cost nearly $5000, not including personal travel/lodging expenses for overnight tournaments.

Does La Jolla Volleyball offer Financial Aid or scholarships?

We do receive some grant money and donations (varies year-to-year), which we distribute among those who apply and qualify for partial financial aid.  Visit our Financial Aid page for more information.

What is the difference between a game, set and/or match?

Like in tennis, a volleyball match is made up of multiple sets.  A set is a single game within a match.  Younger ages and most club matches are best 2-out-of-3 sets.  Most varsity and college matches are best 3-out-of-5 sets.

May I help coach my daughter or son during their match?

Please entrust your child to his/her coach for the season.  Refrain from instructional comments at tournaments (like “move back!” or “don’t miss your serve” or “don’t swing your arms!”).  Please be completely supportive in your comments and actions.    Comments like “great effort!” and “way to go for it!” are encouraging and will help inspire your child to continue to grow and improve and enjoy the process.  Your child is trying his/her best, and volleyball is a fast-moving, imperfect game.  Your child’s coach will encourage him/her to learn from teammates, from themselves and from their mistakes.  Feeling free to make mistakes will accelerate learning.

What is La Jolla Volleyball’s policy regarding playing time?

We believe that every player on a team’s roster should have the opportunity to contribute at some point during each match, meaning no player should sit out for an entire 3-set match.  If your daughter does not play during the first set, then she will have an opportunity during the second set of that match.  At the younger, more developmental ages and stages, playing time will be fairly equal if attendance, attitude and effort is strong and consistent.  As teams and players get older and more experienced, playing time is more position-specific and may not be equal but will be fair, and in the best interest of the team.

May I get a refund if my daughter/son quits the team?

We do not offer refunds for players that decide to discontinue or reduce their participation.  At the beginning of each season, we carefully budget all club expenses (gym rental costs, tournament entry fees, uniforms, insurance, coaching stipends, etc).   This budgeted amount is based upon a certain number of players paying their fees. These expenses remain fixed throughout the season, and do not go down if less players participate.  Even if a player chooses to stop playing on their team, they are still responsible for their full season fees.  Thank you for understanding our no refunds policy.

Are there any circumstances where LJV will offer a refund?

Yes.  In rare and unforeseeable circumstances we will consider a prorated refund, such as a season-ending injury or a pandemic.  When COVID-19 forced our club to shut down in Spring 2020, we paused remaining payments, and processed prorated refunds to all participants.


More information can be found on our “For Parents” page


please send LJV an email with any other questions that should be included here, thank you!