Code of Conduct

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La Jolla Volleyball Club

We strive to teach, model, and emphasize good sportsmanship at all times.


  • come to practices and tournaments on time and prepared
  • maintain an appropriate coach-player relationship, on and off the court
  • constantly strive to provide an environment for every player to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • display and model good sportsmanship towards players, officials, parents, opponents
  • Social Media:  represent LJV appropriately at all times
  • make decisions based on what is best for the team
  • instruct and emphasize good fundamentals
  • place an emphasis on growth and development, while striving to win
  • communicate regularly with players and parents

Coach initials: _______


  • come to practice prepared and committed to work hard with a positive attitude
  • show up on time to practices and tournaments; give coach 24 hours notice (or more, if possible) if you are going to miss a practice
  • display good sportsmanship and respect for all coaches, officials, players and parents
  • communicate with your coach, express your concerns, be receptive to feedback
  • give optimal effort no matter what the score or situation; always strive to do the next thing right
  • team before individual
  • Social Media:  represent LJV appropriately at all times
  • Abide by USA Volleyball Code of Conduct; zero tolerance.  Infraction or violation will be grounds for suspension or dismissal from LJV

PLAYER’S hand-written name/signature: ______________________________


  • be involved when possible with team activities (carpool, chaperone, food/drinks, tents/chairs, hosting, supporting coach), promote team unity
  • be positive and supportive of your child; cheer for him/her but refrain from instructional comments during competitions
  • display good sportsmanship to all coaches, officials, players/opponents and parents
  • concerns must be brought to coach or director’s attention by player first, before parent involvement (or together, with player), and abide by overnight rule after tournaments
  • enjoy the season and your child’s development as a player and teammate
  • drop off/pick up players on time
  • pay all club fees on time

Parent initials: _______

Click here for printable copy:  LJV Code of Conduct contract

Thank you for your involvement and support!