HS Fall 2017

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our HS Fall 2017 team will play in the SDVBC tournaments

this will be your page for team info and updates…


  • Thursdays at TSA   6:45 – 8:30pm
  • Sunday practice times may vary, likely 2:00-4:00pm for now
  • we may set up scrimmages too 🙂



Please wear any previous LJV jerseys from past seasons with LJV…  text each other to wear the same color (but I don’t care if it’s long or short sleeved or has the white stripe, just similar)


Tournaments for HS Fall teams:

  • Saturday 9/16 at SDVBC (as originally planned), AM wave, arrive by 8:00am
  • Sunday 9/24 at Epic VBC: same date as originally planned, but instead of SDVBC, play in HS division tournament at EPIC VBC (at the same time as Roy’s 14-1s, with a staggered schedule so Roy can coach both courts.  I will be there to fill in with the HS team if Roy’s 14-1s team is playing at same time.)  AM wave, arrive at 7:00am
  • Sunday 10/8 at SDVBC (as originally planned, due to SAT test on Sat 10/7), AM wave, arrive by 8:00am
  • Add-ON(?): Sunday 10/22 at Epic VBC – TBD

send an email to Coach Roy (Head Coach)

send an email to Coach Barb (Club Director and sub/asst coach when needed)