Damien Plingos

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Coach Damien is currently the Junior Varsity coach at High Tech High Mesa and is a returning LJV club coach. We love Damien’s expertise, passion and energy!

Damien grew up in New York and earned his Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Vermont. In college, Damien and his wife lived in a house with a volleyball court and played in numerous Volleyball and Wallyball rec leagues. Since then, his family of 4 has lived in Pacific Beach and he has played in both indoor and sand rec leagues for many years.

His volleyball coaching career started in 2021 when he began coaching the JV Girls and Varsity Boys teams at High Tech High Mesa. The transition to coaching volleyball began with his younger daughter’s interest in learning how to play volleyball with a group of her friends, with the hopes of playing in High School.  His daughter is still playing both High School and Club volleyball, which has been a great bonding experience for both of them. Damien has continued as the JV Girls coach at HTHM, which has been incredibly rewarding.

Damien joined the LJV coaching team in 2022, and worked with a Girl’s 16U travel team.  It was an exciting season that continued to improve his coaching skills, and opened the door into club volleyball that allows him to coach all year long. 

Damien has dedicated his entire life to pursuing, enjoying and competing in team sports. His current passion is improving his volleyball coaching skills and fostering a love of team sports and volleyball to those interested. His focus is on teaching the softer, more intangible skills that instill a true love of sports like teamwork, communication, hustle/effort, anticipation, attitude, reading the opponents and dealing with pressure. His always positive attitude and enthusiasm for sports rubs off on his players and encourages them to share his lifelong passion to play, compete, stay healthy and develop lifelong friendships.

Damien actively plays volleyball, softball, cricket, tennis and golf and frequently enjoys surfing, skiing, sailing and windsurfing.  He is also currently a sailing and windsurfing instructor at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center.

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