16-1 Barb

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Welcome to your team page! This is your own team's calendar and information page 🙂


  • Thursdays at TSA 7:00-9:00pm (unless Coach Barb lets you know otherwise, especially in December)
  • Sundays at MBHS, typically 5:00-7:00pm except on holidays or gym schedule shifts

16-1 Barb Team Calendar: 


This team will be playing the SCVA 16s tournament dates (3 Qualifier dates, 2 Mandatory dates and the 2-day SoCal Championships in June. (This team will also play in additional multi-day tournaments TBA)

Link to SCVA website: SCVA girls tournaments

tournament locations are typically announced only 2-3 days prior... typically in Orange County

  • Las Vegas Classic - Mandalay Bay Convention Center - Feb 19-21, 2022
  • an end-of-season multi-day tournament TBD end of June

Here are the dates for your tournaments:

  • SCVA Q1: Saturday Dec 18th
  • SCVA Q2: Sunday Jan 16th (AM)
  • SCVA Q3: Sunday Feb 13th
  • Las Vegas Classic (3 days) - Mandalay Bay Convention Center, team hotel TBA - Feb 19-21st
  • SCVA M1: Saturday March 26th
  • SCVA Red Rock Rave JNQ: April 2-4th - Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas NV (discuss)
  • SCVA M2: Saturday April 16th
  • SCVA SoCal Championships Day 1: Saturday June 11th
  • SCVA SoCal Championships Day 2: Sunday June 12th
  • Volleyball Festival in AZ June 23-26th


16-1 Barb TEAM ROSTER:

  • Aliyah Baker
  • Audrey Bryar
  • Layla Folkers
  • Keira Hoech
  • Kilee Keegan
  • Andrea Lanatta-Valera
  • Olivia Mounier
  • Ellasyn Scuba
  • Marissa Toliver
  • Maya Toliver
  • Madison Yoo