13/14-NicoleB 2020

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TEAM: 13/14-Nicole team

No. Name School  Pos  Grad.
  3  Audrey Bryar
 11  Arianna Greco
 18  Kilee Keegan
  5  Andrea Lanatta-Valera
 12  Ashley Ruff
 14  Isabella Seaton-Browne
 13  Enzley Sillman
  8  Eden Toppi
  7  Ashlyn Ward
  6  Lana Will
  2  Madison Yoo

Head Coach: Nicole Blackwell

Tournaments:  Local Volley-Fest tournaments at Epic VBC in Poway, in 14-Open Division (all Saturdays)

  • Sat Dec 14th
  • Sat Jan 18th
  • Sat Feb 8th
  • Sat Feb 29th
  • Sat Mar 21st
  • Sat Apr 4th
  • Sat May 16th

Practices: see calendar below…  starting in January, practices will be every Tuesday at TSA gym 7-9pm, and on Sundays (times may vary on Sundays, typically between 12:00-4:00pm)

 Calendar for 13/14-NicoleB Local team: