10U-12U DK 2020

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TEAM: 10U-12U DK & Lisa team

No. Name School  Grad.
  4  Ava Belice
 22  Olivia Brennan
 43  Simone Benson
 33  Avery Bryar
 44  Belen Butler
  5  Eleanor Cheng
 13  Athena Georgiou
 11  Liv Kyle
  9  Sophia Landen
 18  Estela Levine
  8  Lauren Ostrom
  2  Erica Reinbolt
  7  Eva Smith
  3  Kaleigh Whang
  1  Allison Wittkow


Coaches: Debbie “DK” Brown, Lisa Tylski, Nicole Blackwell, and other LJV coaches as needed

Tournaments: Volley-Fest Tournaments at Epic Volleyball Club in Poway, in the 12-Club Division.  Players will be split into two teams for tournaments if at least 13 players are confirmed to attend each tournament.  There is still room for more players (to fully split into two teams!) so invite your friends to come and give it a try, too!

  • Sat Dec 14th – 11 players confirmed, will compete as ONE team
  • Sat Feb 1st
  • Sat Feb 22nd
  • Sunday Mar 8th
  • Sunday Mar 29th
  • Sat May 2nd
  • Sat May 23rd

Practices: see calendar below…  starting in January, practices will be every Tuesday 5:15-6:45pm at TSA gym, and on Sundays (times may vary on Sundays, typically at 12 or 2pm)

 Calendar for 10U-12U Locals: