10U-12U DK 2020

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  • Ava Belice
  • Olivia Brennan
  • Avery Bryar
  • Eleanor Cheng
  • Athena Georgiou
  • Liv Kyle
  • Sophia Landen
  • Estela Levine
  • Lauren Ostrom
  • Erica Reinbolt
  • Eva Smith
  • Kaleigh Whang
  • Allison Wittkow

Coaches: Debbie “DK” Brown, Lisa Tylski, Nicole Blackwell, and other LJV coaches as needed

Tournaments: Volley-Fest Tournaments at Epic Volleyball Club in Poway, in the 12-Club Division.

  • Sat Dec 14th
  • Sat Feb 1st
  • Sat Feb 22nd
  • Sunday Mar 8th
  • Sunday Mar 29th
  • Sat May 2nd
  • Sat May 23rd

Practices: see calendar below…  starting in January, practices will be every Tuesday 5:15-6:45pm at TSA gym, and on Sundays (times may vary on Sundays, typically at 12 or 2pm)

 Calendar for 10U-12U Locals: