Player Showcases

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this is a partial list of player showcase opportunities, including links to more info…  this page will be updated January-May as we add more showcase opportunities


Who should attend a Player Showcase?
Any female volleyball player in high school who possibly wants to play in college.


  • Assess where you stand compared to other players your age and/or position
  • After contacting college coaches via email and phone, this is an opportunity for coaches so see you in action, in person.
  • You will not necessarily “get discovered” at a showcase…  most coaches are primarily there to watch players that are already “on their list.”  Make sure you have already pre-contacted numerous coaches PRIOR to any showcase, so you know they will watch you!


BEWARE:  All showcases are different!  As your coach or club director what they know about a showcase you’re interested in attending…  some are a bit overpriced, some attract more college coaches than others…  all showcases serve a purpose… make sure it’s maximum exposure and benefit for  YOU :)


Las Vegas Showcase – Friday evening February 16, 2017 – before the Las Vegas Classic

Showcase your skills to college coaches, raise your profile, get seen by over 250 college coaches!  Parents get a free recruiting seminar at same time.  Low price, conveniently hosted the night before the Las Vegas Showcase. For unsigned Juniors and Seniors.  Sign up ahead of time, and make sure you have all your player data handy in order to sign up.

PrepVolleyball Unsigned Showcase 2018 – Durango High School, Las Vegas  (historically ran showcase for 12yrs)

SCVA Unsigned Showcase by MarkiRecruiting 2018 – Mandalay Bay  (MarkiRecruiting is new group)


additional showcase opportunities will be posted here January-May…


National Volleyball Showcase – prior to Phoenix Festival in June

Jerry Howard
Biokats Sports Network

This Showcase is typically the night before the Phoenix Festival in June…  this is an inexpensive way to experience what a showcase is like, and get warmed up for the Festival play the next day.  Great start to showcases for Freshman & Sophomores.  Many coaches at this showcase will then come watch you on your courts over the next few days.


Reel Sports Recruit – excellent video services, with fantastic special deal only for LJV players.  Hear from Michelle Miller all about Reel Sports Recruit at our LJV Recruiting Seminar on Tuesday Jan 10th.  Highlight videos are the most effective way to promote your skills…  it’s the FIRST way to get college coaches interested in YOU!


National Collegiate Athletic & Academic Advisory Program

Your home for planning your Student Athlete experience at the Collegiate level.  Let NCAAAP help you navigate this process and find the school and environment in which you will thrive!


Get ranked at an AVCA College Prep Combines

What: A two-hour low-impact, high-value data-gathering session that assesses a player’s physical potential and behavioral temperament. Results are compiled into a searchable database where participants, their parents and college coaches can look for good matches.  

Please contact the AVCA with questions about the AVCA College Prep Combines powered by Under Armour at or 866-544-2822.


NCSA – National Collegiate Scouting Association:

lots of free helpful info/advice on their website, but don’t dive into any financial commitment with NCSA (until/unless you talk with your coach first)


AVCA – American Volleyball Coaches Association